Rainbow Inspired Activities

Rainbow themed activities are a popular choice for early learners all year round, but with Spring and St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, they are the perfect seasonal addition to your learning centers!

Here are some simple ideas to inspire your play!

Rainbow Loose Parts + Play Dough

Usually when we make a batch of play dough, we have fun picking out a new color to mix in, but here is another fun way to add the color! Keep the playdough natural and add color with a rainbow assortment of loose parts. You can roll out the dough and use a cookie cutter or toothpick to trace a rainbow shape to fill in with the loose parts, or simply let the colorful creations take shape on their own!

Rainbow Counters + Jumbo Popsicle Sticks

These jumbo popsicle sticks are from Dollarama and they are perfect for color matching and sorting. We paired them with these rainbow vehicle counters from Learning Resources and they ended up turning into roads and bridges.

Rainbow Q-Tip Painting

I love using Q-tips to paint with my little ones. They are a nice size for little hands to grip, but children also have to automatically be more precise and detailed in how they paint. This makes Q-Tips the perfect tool for tracing activities such as this rainbow painting using this printable from our Rainbow Activity Bundle. Another easy option is to write letters/numbers/shapes in rainbow colors and have your little one trace each one in the matching color!

Rainbow Chickpeas

I love using chickpeas as a sensory base. They are so soothing to run your hands through but big enough to pick up with tools or fingers and sort! To make these, separate your chickpeas into Ziploc bags, add food coloring and a teaspoon or 2 of vinegar to each bag, shake until covered and then lay out to dry on paper towel! Add them to a sensory bin with some tongs, small containers or an ice cube/muffin tray for sorting and throw in some “cotton ball clouds” for a nice contrasting texture!

Rainbow Colour Hunt

Send your little ones on a hunt around the house to find all the colors of the rainbow! This Colour Hunt Chart is part of both our Learning & Rainbow Printable Bundles


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