8 Activities Using Plastic Easter Eggs!!

1. Water Play

All you need is plastic Easter Eggs, water and a couple kitchen Utensils for an easy and engaging water play set up!  The Eggs are such a fun addition, they float and bob around, they are perfect for scooping up with a ladle or large spoon, split open they can be used as little scoops, and some of them even have holes in the bottom to act like a mini funnel!

2. Painting

Plastic Eggs are a fun as a new tool to paint with.  Use the opening to stamp hollow circles, or use the ends like a dabber to make dots! If you are really open to messy hands, you can even roll them around on the paper!

3. Mix & Match Colours

Make some simple cards like below and challenge your little ones to match all the different colour combinations! You could also give them cards with just the outline and have them record their own colour combinations as an early coding activity!

4. Colour Matching

Use a large paper and trace circles in the same colours as your eggs.  Have your little one match the colours by placing an egg half on top of the same coloured circle.

5. Colour Sorting

There are so many ways to set up a simple invitation to sort colours.  You could offer your little one some empty containers to sort indepently, add a sign to each container as a guide, or even take it outside and draw large circles on the ground with coloured chalk!

6. Egg Shakers

Egg shakers are so much fun to make and are the perfect addition to your favorite songs and finger plays! Fill the eggs and I like to use masking tape to seal. Masking tape is great because you can colour on it well and make it unique! You could also add a handle by cradling the egg between two plastic spoons and then taping together. Try making different shakers with beans, beads, rice, lentils, pasta etc to promote auditory discrimination and talk about how each one sounds different.   You can even make it into a sound matching game by making two of each filler!!

7. Stack Them Up

Challenge your little ones (and yourself!) to see how many egg halfs you can stack high! This is great for promoting hand-eye coordination, math as you count and talk about sizes, and perseverance as they try again after each time it falls.

8. Sensory Bin

These eggs make the perfect little scoops for a bin of pastel sensory rice! Add some letters, sight words or little figures in the eggs ahead of time for your little ones to discover as they play!

I hope these ideas help you find new ways to use this popular item! With easy to prep activities, my hope is that you are left with more time to spend together!

Be inspired to play always.

XO Hannah


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