Spring Play, STEM/Science Activities

Rainbow Skittles Experiment: 2 Ways!

With Spring and St. Patrick's Day around the corner, tis the season for all things rainbow! Here is a fun experiment (or rather 2 experiments) using these colorful candies that is sure to wow your little ones. The best part...it only takes two ingredients! Before starting the "experiment" part of this activity, squeeze in a… Continue reading Rainbow Skittles Experiment: 2 Ways!

Spring Play

8 Activities Using Plastic Easter Eggs!!

1. Water Play All you need is plastic Easter Eggs, water and a couple kitchen Utensils for an easy and engaging water play set up!  The Eggs are such a fun addition, they float and bob around, they are perfect for scooping up with a ladle or large spoon, split open they can be used… Continue reading 8 Activities Using Plastic Easter Eggs!!

Spring Play

Easter Treats…No Sugar Added!

I'm sure most of you would agree, the fondest childhood memories usually come from waking up on Holidays to see what surprises were waiting.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, and it will always be my favorite family holiday...but I also remember Easter mornings being So. Much. Fun!  As a kid, the idea… Continue reading Easter Treats…No Sugar Added!