Valentine’s Day Playdough 3 ways!

Playdough is a go-to activity for us all year round. It is perfect with a tray of loose parts and cookie cutters with custom colours to go with every season or holiday!

If you haven’t made your own play dough yet you need to check out our cooked play dough recipe here! It turns out perfect every time and will quickly become your new favourite recipe!

I’ve come up with three variations to add a little extra love to your classic play dough this Valentine’s Day! Check them out below and let me know your favourite!

Cinnamon Heart

For our first variation, we made this bright red coloured play dough and scented it with cinnamon bark essential oil. It smells EXACTLY like Cinnamon Heart Candies!!

Lovely Lavender

Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties, and this playdough is the perfect calming colour and scent for a quiet time activity. Mix up a light purple colour or leave it natural, then add a couple drops of lavender essential oil and we mixed in some dried lavender flowers.

Rose Petal Passion

This one is such a pretty combination! You could opt to colour the playdough a pale pink colour if you like, but I love the way these dried rose petals add their natural speckled colours to this natural playdough! Add a couple drops of a floral essential oil, or a bright orange scent would pair nicely as well! To extend the sensory experience, give your little one the dried rose buds on the side, let them crush them up and add to their own play dough!

Here are some of our favourite play dough tools that are perfect all year round!

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