DIY Art Journals: The perfect way to honor your child’s creativity!

As a Kindergarten teacher and mom of 3, there are two things I know for certain…first that kids love to create…and second that loose papers everywhere drive me a little bananas!! I know it can be hard to balance the desire to keep every single piece of artwork and also wanting to keep the clutter to a minimum.

These art journals are the perfect solution and they are great for all ages. Having your child’s artwork in one place not only helps to minimize clutter, but it also allows them to feel ownership over their own creations and gives them a chance to look back and reflect on their work and see their creativity grow with them!

I like to personalize the front cover of their art journals as a special gift to start the new year. I plan to make it a tradition from here on to gift them a new art journal every year. I think it makes such a fun keepsake to look back on when they’re older! Obviously we still do crafts and activities that in other ways like on construction paper or canvas, but for the most part if they just want to paint or draw or use a fun pack of stickers, these art journals are always available for them!

When your little ones are really young and art is about the process of exploring textures and materials it could also be super cute to snap some photos of them covered in finger paints and paste it right onto their artwork!

I picked up these hard cover sketchbooks from Dollarama for $4.00 each, and they are perfect on their own, but let me show you how I decorated the front cover to make it personal and unique.

Step 1: Paint the cover with acrylic paint

Use a large brush and some acrylic paint as a base colour. Because the sketchbooks I used are black it does take a few coats.

Step 2: Add some extra decoration using paint or glitter

Add a personal design using contrasting colors of paint. Get creative! Use a q-tip to make polka dots or the end of a strip of cardboard to make lines. (The two line designs above were done with just the end of a strip of cardboard!) You can also add a thin layer of glue/mod podge and add some glitter to jazz it up even more!

Step 3: Add names using letter stickers.

The letter stickers I used are also from Dollarama but most dollar or craft stores will have a similar product. You could also use number stickers to add the year if you like!

Step 4: Seal with mod podge!

Once you are happy with your design, make sure to seal with mod podge to make it last!

Step 5: Start Creating!

I have these journals available in our playroom anytime for my kids to create when inspiration strikes!

I hope you find this idea inspiring! I would love to see your designs if you give this a try!

Happy Creating!

Be inspired to play always!

❤ Hannah


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