7 Quick & Simple Holiday Activities

Hey mama! I see you over there, working your butt off to make the holidays special for your family! I know your to-do list is already a mile long, so I am here to give you some quick activity ideas to entertain the kiddos using supplies you likely already have on hand! These activities are perfect for using up the little pieces left behind from decking the halls and wrapping all the gifts. Keep reading for 7 activities you can whip together using just these items:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Paper roll
  • Ribbons & Bows
  • Christmas Cards
  • A Cereal Box
  • Packing Tape
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper
  • Kids Scissors

1. Cutting Bin

Have a little one who is mastering their scissor skills? Cut up some of your leftover wrapping paper into strips, place in a large bin to contain the mess, and let your little one snip away!

2. Sticky Ribbon Pick-Up

Cut up some of your leftover ribbon (or use the pieces from the cutting bin above), and wrap a paper roll with packing tape, sticky side out.  Let your little one use the sticky roll to pick up the ribbons and practice that pincer grasp to pick them off!

3. Bow Painting

So you bought a pack of 10 bows and only needed 8… Use the extra bows as a new material to paint with! Pro tip, put the paint in a shallow dish and shake it gently to spread it into a thin layer on the bottom to avoid big clumps of paint and allow the design from the bows to really show!

4. Collage

It is no secret that kids LOVE glue! Creating collages is a great way to use up materials around the house, especially odds and ends left over from wrapping! Cut up some ribbons, wrapping paper, tissue paper, garland, etc, give your little one a piece of construction paper and let them create! (Bonus – This is a perfect way to use up the pieces in the cutting bin!

5. Wrap a puzzle

Use up those small, leftover pieces of wrapping paper to wrap up the pieces from one of your little one’s puzzles. It’s just like unwrapping a bunch of mini presents for them. Then give them some tape and let them wrap them back up!

6. Wrapping Paper Puzzles

In our family, one thing we looked forward to every Christmas was some sort of brain teaser game or puzzle. To make your own, glue some wrapping paper to a piece of cardboard such as a cereal box, cover with packing tape to make it a little more durable, and cut it into pieces. The repeating pattern on the paper makes the puzzle a little tricky, so make sure to adjust the number of pieces to match your child’s level!

7. Christmas Card Puzzles

Similar to above, if you have extra Christmas cards (because you had to buy a pack of 24 when you only needed 20, or you have some you packed away last year) cut up the fronts of the cards to create a quick puzzle activity! For younger kids, cut them in half to make a matching game. For older kids, cut them into 8 or 12 pieces for a more challenging puzzle.

I hope these ideas help inspire you to use the materials you already have at home! This year especially, it is important to get creative with what we’ve got and avoid those extra trips to the dollar store! Let me know in the comments below what activity you would try first!

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours. May you be inspired to play always!

XO The Playful Mama


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